Exactly what is a premium Snap account?

What exactly is a premium Snapchat?

It can be simple to understand and that I will clarify during this rapid posting.

A premium Snapchat is actually a basic Snapchat account you make so it's private, to ensure only your friends or particular folks that you decide to include can see your pictures and videos.

Now how does one setup a premium Snap account?

You basically just create it as you would a basic Snap account.

You just go to your Snapchat Account Settings and afterwards under the 'Who Can See My Story' section, change it to either My Friends or Customized people and then pick out which people you would like to see your Snaps.

People today in various industries use this to guard their content. And many models make use of a private Snapchat account in order to safeguard their private Snapchat content.

This way only people they choose or individuals that pay money or reward the model with a present could get entry to that private Snap account to see their videos and pictures on Snapchat.

So a private or premium Snap account is basically a private Snapchat account which is just setup identical to a regular account, but you just change the account settings so only particular people get to view it.

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